I have been making Papier-Mache Figurines for 30 years.  I recently began sculpting my papier-mache pulp onto pieces of driftwood and other unusual base materials to make santa faces and sometimes full figures.  The designs are all my own.  I get my inspiration from antique figurines, decorations, greeting cards and a bit of my own imagination.  I use papier-mache pulp, made from paper, water and glue, much like they did in Victorian times.

My pieces are entirely hand made by me without machinery.

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Driftwood & Papier-Mache Process

I start with a cool piece of driftwood and sculpt papier-mache features onto it,  paint it and attach it to the base.
This is truly a ``Green`` artwork - I reuse the driftwood and my papier-mache pulp is made from newspapers.
Each piece is signed and dated.
Each is one of a kind.

A very unique Christmas decoration or gift for a Santa collector.
Use it in your beach Christmas setting.

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